Maple Producers

Coutts Maple Products
1230 Port Elmsley Road, Perth | Google Maps

We’ve been making maple syrup on our family farm for over 5 generations. Coutts maple syrup comes with over 140 years of experience!

Oliver’s Mapleworks
158 Lakewood Lane, Perth | Google Maps

Oliver’s Mapleworks offers a comprehensive range of delicious maple products from our family owned and operated sugar camp.

Thompsontown Maple
780 Black Rock Lane, Clayton | Google Maps

Thompsontown Maple is a family owned and run farm offering award winning Canadian maple syrup, sugar and butter.

Wheelers Maple
1001 Highland Line, McDonalds Corners | Google Maps

Wheeler’s Maple started in 1978 and has expanded to be one of the largest producers in Ontario with over 20,000 trees tapped.

Century Maple
227 Eldreds Road, McDonald’s Corners | Google Maps

For over 100 years, Century Maple has made syrup the traditional way: over a wood fired evaporator, and with great care.

A word from Perth’s Town Crier
At the Crystal Palace, Perth

Perth’s own Town Crier Brent McLaren reminds us that our Maple Producers are available for curbside pickup, and reminisces on previous years’ Festivals.

For more information on all things maple that are happening in the Lanark and District area, please visit the Lanark & District Maple Syrup Producers Association.