Welcome to the 2022 Festival of the Maples!

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“Brent McLaren, Perth Town Crier, introduces the 2021 Virtual Festival of the Maples”

“Perth Mayor John Fenik opens the 2021 Virtual Festival of the Maples”

We’re thrilled to help you create your Virtual Maple Experience!

Our Maple Producers Listing tells you what our Producers are offering this year. Be sure to do some online shopping for their tasty products!

Take a meander through our Artisan Market, and browse the unique and wonderful items our local artisans are offering for sale.

What’s for dinner tonight? Visit our Maple Recipes for tasty culinary inspiration. Looking for maple flavours locally? Check our “Locally Maple” directory for suggestions. Want to know all there is to know about maple syrup, maple tapping, and maple trees? Check our Maple Fun Facts to stay in the know. Ever wondered how to make Maple Syrup? You can do it at home with your red maple or sugar maple trees! Check our Making Maple Syrup page for tips.

And if you’re missing our live entertainment as much as we are, visit our Virtual Stage regularly to see who has donated a song to this year’s Festival of the Maples!

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Finally, a huge Thank You to our sponsors below, who have helped make this year’s virtual festival possible.

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